7 Modifications Your Résumé Needs Now

7 Modifications Your Résumé Needs Now

A guide to preparing a resume usually includes a list of best practises. Adapt your resume to the position. Instead of concentrating on your accomplishments, consider the influence you created. Most importantly, make sure it is correct and error-free. According to a recent analysis by job search engine Adzuna, at least one error was present on nearly two-thirds of resumes. More than 13% of the resumes under analysis included five or more mistakes.

Beyond that, however, there are some additional subtle elements that can make your resume appear contemporary—or out-of-date, according to career coach and resume consultant Marjorie Sherlock. According to what the market is telling us, the resume has become into a marketing tool, she claims. Furthermore, a large portion of what was “totally dead” even ten years ago.

When you submit a resume that seems a touch dated, you run the following risk: Perhaps you’re not aware of current events or the way businesses change, Sherlock speculates. Therefore, if it has been a while since you updated your professional calling card, take a look at it while keeping these suggestions in mind.


Although your contact information area may appear to be very conventional, experts advise updating it. What’s out: According to Sherlock, street addresses are not required. All we need is your name, city, state, and zip code. Include a text-capable smartphone because more employers are using this kind of communication.

According to Lewis, utilising an antiquated email service like Hotmail or Yahoo! may make your resume appear out of date. Think about switching to a Gmail or other more recent account. Maintain a professional tone in your address by using a combination of your first and last names so recruiters and talent managers can easily recognise you. An improper pseudonym that you thought sounded wonderful as a teenager is “far worse than an old email address,” the author claims.


Lewis advises including links to your online portfolio and the proper social media sites. According to him, “[Employers] will want or need to check a candidate’s social media to locate additional information that may not have been included in a one-page résumé.” Personalizing the profile URLs is another smart move that demonstrates a higher level of tech knowledge.

“Not having a link to social media or an online portfolio/website in a résumé tells employers that a candidate may not be knowledgeable or savvy enough to know what the latest social media platforms are,” he claims. This can be harmful for a candidate when applying for certain roles, including creative and marketing jobs.

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An aim and a line at the bottom offering references upon request have long been standard components of resumes. Experts agree that both need to be reconsidered. According to Sherlock, you have six seconds or less to capture the attention of a person participating in the hiring process once they have your resume in their hands. Make a specific summary of your value in the first copy block. What are you doing? As to why you do it, For whom are you doing it? What is the effect, she asks?

Paul Lewis, chief customer officer of Adzuna, says providing references is optional. There is no longer a need to include this statement on a resume because it is already a common component of the recruiting process, he claims. Additionally, that creates a little more room for your successes.


Even though application tracking systems have advanced significantly, Sherlock advises against using excessive visuals or tables to convey information on your resume. And instead of using two spaces following a period, use just one. There is no need for the extra space (word processing tools automatically modify spacing; typewriters did not.)


Client resumes written by resume writer Donna Svei are limited to 700–800 words. Very few hiring managers and recruiters, she claims, wish to read any further.

She also suggests staying away from long blocks of text because they are difficult to read, especially on mobile devices. According to her, people begin to lose interest after four lines. “Technology moved resumes from paper to screens, and job searchers who haven’t adjusted with shorter paragraphs that are easier to read on screens look old,” she claims.


It’s a good idea to periodically trim the content on your resume to keep it more current. The pandemic and Great Recession have significantly altered the nature of employment and how things are done since 2007. Consider discarding the experience in favour of more recent and pertinent experience if it is not “stunningly relevant” to your goals. She also cautions that materials such as awards, speeches, and publications that are more than four years old may no longer be valid.


A résumé used to frequently include information about a person’s family, hobbies, and interests. Although it may seem a little dated now, Sherlock advises including community service, volunteer work, or other endeavours that demonstrate a desire to give back. Employers are more likely to hire someone with volunteer experience on their resume, as Fast Company has previously documented.

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