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A 1,000-watt grin breaks out on the face of Dr. Chester Redhead as he enters his garage and approaches his green and brown Rolls-Royce. He opens the front door to let the guest in and declares, “This is my baby.” I use this as my toy. A 1,000-bottle wine cellar is located in this black dentist’s Scarsdale, New York, home, which is on a quiet street. Harold Doley, the first black person to hold a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, purchased a 35-room mansion that Madam C. J. Walker, the first black woman to become a billionaire in…

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Not sure where to start when you want to start a garden? I’ll go over the fundamentals of gardening in this post and provide links to articles with more in-depth knowledge so you may garden with confidence and enjoy yourself. From setting up your beds to harvesting your own vegetables, flowers, and herbs, we’ll guide you. Nothing compares to the flavor of freshly selected food that has been plucked at its ripest! Creating a Garden: 10 Steps You Must Take Determine what you want to grow in your home garden, decide where to start your garden. Buy entry-level gardening tools…

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