Which Is Better: Flowerbombs or Gourmand White Flowers?


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is one of the company’s most renowned scents. This perfume for women has a lovely floral scent and has also received some honours.

Warm and spicy scents make to the fragrance family, whereas warm and sweet gourmands make up the scent category. The notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and patchouli are among this fragrance’s defining characteristics.

This scent bursts with a seductive floral aroma. Due to its grenade-like appearance, the bottle also resembles its performance. However, the original fragrance is a little on the pricey side. Wearing this scent when going to the store or the office is a touch excessive.

If you adore this scent, however, Dossier.co also sells dupe scents that are modelled after Viktor Rolf’s Flowerbomb perfume. The gourmet white flowers are what it is. Although the dupe for Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier may begin differently, it eventually settles down to produce the same original scent. The best aspect is that it is reasonably priced.

But ought to you purchase it or not? We shall discover everything about it in this evaluation and comparison. Scroll down to continue reading.

What Can Users Expect from the Iconic Fragrance Flowerbomb Available on Dossier?

The fragrance of the Flowerbomb perfume Dossier is rather pleasant. As implied by the name, its primary highlights are gourmand flowers with undertones of white florals.

A few spikes of green tea with vanilla, caramel, and berries are also included. Orchid, jasmine, and rose petals pair beautifully with these notes.

When the scent has calmed down, it will release woody orris with floral centre notes. The aroma of this perfume can be as sweet and seductive as it is warm and feminine. It also has a powdered veil that lends sophistication to the aroma.

Although it is essentially the same as the original, you won’t notice that until the romance has subsided. Middle notes in the original Flowerbomb are more intricate. With bergamot and Osmanthus in the top notes, the original also has a citrusy beginning.

How Dossier Gourmand White Flowers Compare to the Flowerbomb by Viktor Rolf?

You won’t find much of a difference between the two scents if you compare them. In its dupe formula, the company has done a great job of capturing the essence of the original scent. But you’ll see that there are a few very slight variations between the two scents.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf


What scent does it have?

Patchouli, flowery, woody, white floral, citrus, powdery, sweet, musky, warm, spicy, and rose are the key accords of this fragrance. As you can see, this fragrance has a lot going on, and the brand did a great job making it.

This Viktor & Rolf scent was first introduced in 2005 and was jointly developed by Dominique Ropion, Domitille M. Bertier, Carlos Benaim, and Olivier Polge.

Osmanthus, bergamot, and tea make up the top notes, while rose, jasmine, orchid, African orange flower, and freesia make up the middle notes. Patchouli, musk, and vanilla make up the base notes.

It is a fairly exceptional scent that begins nicely with those zesty notes before the floral notes take over. As musk, patchouli, and vanilla begin to emerge, the aroma settles down well. It has a lot more going on and is a rather complex aroma.

Durability and sillage

The long-lasting performance of this scent is one of its outstanding qualities. Most reviewers have given this fragrance a rating of “long-lasting to eternal.” You should apply this perfume to your pulse points for the finest results. It should be applied to the wrists, chest, neck, and back of your ears.

The perfume will undoubtedly continue to last for longer than eight hours. It is also one of those scents that ages fairly well over the course of the day. It will only need to be applied once, and it will be effective all day. Additionally, some people have mentioned that the scent will linger in the garments the following day.

This fragrance has a heavy sillage, which is another advantage. The majority of customers have stated that it has strong to tremendous sillage. Even in a busy area, the source of the scent may undoubtedly be identified as you.

In other words, it is a great voice to use for gatherings and late-night outings. So, a lot of people will pay attention to this perfume. Just be careful to use it sparingly or you risk being nose blind for the following three to four hours.

Best time to wear

It has undertones of floral and citrus notes and is warm and spicy in scent. Winter and fall are the finest seasons to use this fragrance. But you may also wear it in the spring and summer.

Additionally, you can use this fragrance both throughout the day and at night. It is a little bit too robust to wear at work, though. You can wear it if you want to make a statement since, once the perfume settles down, it has a sophisticated aroma.

However, wearing this perfume on your trip to the grocery store is still not a good idea. It’s a distinctly feminine scent that will enable you to make a statement wherever you go.

White Dossier Gourmand Flowers


What scent does it have?

You are given The Dossier’s take on the original Flowerbomb. Gourmand White Flowers is another name for the imitation Flowerbomb fragrance. And you’ll be pleasantly impressed by how well Dossier handled this scent. It smells wonderful.

When this scent first begins, its top notes of barriers, tea, vanilla, and caramel very much follow the same course.

Similar to the original perfumes, the mid notes of rose, jasmine, and orchid begin to emerge later. The woody orris will have a more flowery touch as it dries down on your skin, and the powdery note gives the fragrance a much more upscale feel.

It is a remarkable fragrance that successfully mimics the original scent. Since it does follow the same course as the original Flowerbomb, the aroma is quite wonderful.

Durability and sillage

This is the point when the Dossier copy falls short of the original. Although Gourmand White Flowers is an Eau de Parfum, it doesn’t stay as long as the original fragrance.

Only about 3 to 4 hours can pass while this scent is still on your skin. You will then need to apply again. But since it is a much weaker variation of the original, you can layer it. And if you adore the original scent, you’ll adore using the replica on a regular basis.

The biggest benefit of this perfume is its low cost in comparison to the original scent. And this is how Dossier has set itself apart. This perfume doesn’t have a particularly strong sillage, so if you wear it in a busy area, no one will be able to identify you by your odour.

However, you will continue to be overcome by the scent for a few hours. Because of this, it works best when layered with other perfumes or when you want a more affordable imitation of the original aroma.

Best time to wear

Wearing this scent is a wonderful idea in a variety of situations. Compared to the original scent designed for night outs or job interviews, it is unquestionably more adaptable. This fragrance is appropriate for both wearing informally at home and when commuting to the grocery shop.

The best aspect is that you can easily make something unique by layering it with your preferred fragrance. This perfume is designed to be layered or used if you want to save money by sticking with the original scent.

You can use it throughout the day or at night, but because of how quickly it wears off, you might need to reapply or combine it with a more effective fragrance.

Which Is Better: Flowerbombs or Gourmand White Flowers?

You will see that the Gourmand White Flowers and the Original Flowerbomb EDP by Viktor & Rolf are identical fragrances. The main distinction solely pertains to duration and sillage.

Thanks to bergamot and osmanthus, both of these scents begin nicely with citrus and tea notes. The scent then calms down with more floral notes present, and as it dries down, it gets muskier before patchouli and vanilla come to the fore.

But complexity is where the actual distinction lies. Rose, jasmine, freesia, and African orange flower make up substantially more of the original fragrance’s middle notes.

The Dossier version’s middle notes are rather sparse, consisting solely of rose, orchid, and white flowers. An orchid and jasmine are also included in the original version. And this is the main distinction between these two perfumes.

Additionally, it makes a big difference in the original version’s long-lasting power and thicker sillage. But on its own, the original version is a good option. The Dossier version is the best choice for layering and a more affordable solution.

The fact that this smell closely resembles the original in terms of its characteristics and how it aged, though, shows that Dossier did a great job in making it.

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