Le Labo Santal 33 vs. Woody Sandalwood – Which Is Better?


Who doesn’t adore sandalwood’s earthy fragrance? that calm, woodsy scent that veers between spicy and flowery. Le Labo Santal 33, a fragrance in the perfume business inspired by the therapeutic designer fragrances, is what the design house of Le Labo woody sandalwood delivers to you for this reason.

Dossier, however, has some cunning plans in store. It has produced a perfume with sandalwood notes that is nearly identical to Santal 33 Dossier.co.

Which is better, then? This article’s purpose is to accomplish that. The contrasts between the two perfumes will be discussed, along with which one you should ultimately choose. The hype smells fantastic.

What Can We Expect From Santal 33 by Le Labo, Which Is Available On Dossier?

An excellent substitute for Le Labo Santal 33 is The Woody Sandalwood. It has top notes that are green, floral, and spicy. The middle notes are woody floral, and the base is spicy woody.

This aroma is based on sandalwood, a frequently overlooked scent that has calming and medicinal properties. It smells woody and balsamic. And has a very calming perfume when combined with earthy aromas like Ambrox and Amber. Being an Eau de Parfum, the fragrance will stay for a long time and is appropriate for both day and night. The warm aroma is ideal for usage in the winter and fall but not as excellent in the summer.

Woody Sandalwood vs. Le Labo Santal 33

The Le Labo Santal 33 and the Woody Sandalwood only differ in a few small ways. These can be found primarily in the olfactory notes. For instance, the Santal 33 cologne has a more flowery core than Woody Sandalwood, which is formed of cedarwood essence. Which fragrance is superior than the other will ultimately be determined by these differences. To learn more about the thorough comparison, scroll down.

Santal Le Labo 33:


The Aroma:

Le Labo’s unisex Santal 33 fragrance personifies the idea of individual freedom. The Le Labo Santal 33 is a woody aromatic fragrance with tones of woody sandalwood that draws heavily from the American West.

Woody and powdery are the primary accords in this. But if you listen carefully, you could even catch the fragrance of leather. The Santal 33 Dossier.co, which is mostly made from sandalwood, has a warm, spicy flavour with a hint of sweet violet.

They are made up of cardamom and violet accord in the top notes. The aroma of violet is gentle and powdery, even romantic. It is a very feminine scent that, when combined with cardamom, makes a potent duet. Cardamom has a flowery perfume that is calming to the nose and medicinal qualities.

Iris and Ambrox make up the Santal 33 fragrance’s middle notes after that. Another fluffy, fragrant, and buttery flower smell is iris. Ambrox is frequently used as a basis in perfumery and has an enduring, velvety smell. As it is now in the heart notes, it will last even longer, and you will be able to appreciate its delicate and sweet scent.

The basic notes are the last group. These are made of the finest sandalwood, leather, and cedarwood. The base sounds are primarily woody and earthy, as you can see. The aroma of cedarwood is earthy and evocative of parks and forests. Leather smells earthy and fresh, like a brand-new car or jacket. The bark and roots of the sandalwood tree give off a spicy, woodsy aroma known as sandalwood. It’s frequently characterised as creamy, delicate, flowery, and balsamic.

Sillage And Longevity

The Le Labo Santal 33 is ideal if you’ve always struggled with smells that eventually lose their potency. If the circumstances are ideal, the aroma from this Eau de Parfum can linger for up to 8 hours.

The name “Eau de Parfum” refers to a certain perfume concentration. The essence content of eau de parfums ranges from 15% to 20%. It won’t evaporate as quickly. The top notes have most likely moved into the middle notes if you do notice a change in the aroma.

Sillage is yet another crucial factor. It describes how long the perfume remains in the air after being applied. Sillage is the magical scent that follows you about wherever you go and enchants everybody who smells it.

The Le Labo Santal 33 has a thick sillage, which is fortunate. Long after leaving the room, one can still smell it in the air and inhale it.

The ideal time to wear it is:

There are day and night scents in the Le Labo Santal 33 fragrance. Daytime fragrances are typically lighter, fresher, and shorter-lasting. Smells at night tend to be more potent and last longer.

The Le Labo Santal 33 is a strong, impactful fresh aroma that works well for both day and night. Cardamom and sandalwood are two spices that are used to provide a sense of sensuality and relaxation.

Because of its pleasant scent, this is a winter and fall fragrance. As winter gives way to summer, it’s also a fantastic option for spring. Nevertheless, avoid using this in the summer. The scent’s design is inappropriate for the time of year.

Woody sandalwood


The Aroma:

Dossier’s Woody Sandalwood is the ideal example of what sandalwood can do. Sandalwood has a spicy woody smell and a number of health advantages despite its typically subdued scent.

Wody Sandalwood makes use of that as well. It uses Indian Mysore sandalwood, the finest sandalwood available anywhere in the world. It has a floral and earthy woodsy aroma that is thick and creamy.

The Dossier Woody Sandalwood, however, uses more than just sandalwood as a fragrance. Instead, it also makes use of citrus fruits, various woods, and floral scents.

More specifically, the top notes of Woody Sandalwood are Violet Leaves, and the middle notes are Cardamom. The powdered floral and green aroma that Violet Leaves generate has a powerful romantic scent. Cardamom has a pretty recognised floral, spicy scent that makes anyone who smells it feel intense desire.

However, the high notes fade quickly. The middle notes’ heart quickly overtakes them as they start to fade away. Ambrox, Cedarwood, Orris, and Cypriol are a few of these. The most frequent places to smell cedarwood are in parks and woodlands. It has a very simple aroma that is both alluring and slightly earthy.

Orris is a rare fragrance component with a very adaptable aroma. It is most accurately characterised as floral and feminine. It has a strong aroma that is only occasionally utilised in perfumes. The aroma of the herb cypriol is quite woot and earthy with a tinge of spice. Additionally, Ambrox has a velvety resinous fragrance that is frequently utilised in perfume bases.

Last but not least, woodsy Musk, Amber, and Sandalwood make up the base notes. Musk has a pleasant perfume, whilst Amber smells earthy and resinous. A distinctly calming aroma is that of sandalwood. It is renowned for both its alluring charm and its healthy properties. With some of Santal 33’s agreements, it’s a fantastic Santal 33 clone.

Sillage And Longevity

A fleeting fragrance is a huge caution sign. Dossier’s Woody Sandalwood scent is enduring because of this. It is an Eau de Parfum scent, and depending on the surroundings, it may last up to 8 hours or longer. Where you apply it will also affect how long it will last. For optimum results, apply the scent on your wrists or behind your ears.

The Dossier Woody Sandalwood scent also has a substantial sillage. It consequently lingers in the air for a long period.

The ideal time to wear it is:

This fragrance has a lot of different uses. One benefit is that it can be worn both day and night. Daytime fragrances typically have a lighter saturation and are more fresh and breezy. Scents at night tend to be stronger and more saturated. This aroma is neither too strong nor too mild; it is just right.

It’s a great option for travelling to work or having fun after dark. The aroma is sensual and spicy, making it appropriate for any situation.

In addition, this smells like winter and fall. It is perfect for usage in cooler temperatures because of its warm energy. It can be used in the spring to some extent as well. However, do not use it in the summer. The temperature is not chilly enough for the summer.

Which Is Better: Le Labo Santal 33 vs. Woody Sandalwood?

The Woody Sandalwood by Dossier and the Le Labo Santal 33 are both based on the sandalwood’s voluminous aroma. But which is superior?

It’s a hard decision. In terms of sillage and longevity, both scents are so close that it is difficult to distinguish between them. At the end of the day, the scent is what matters most.

For starters, the Woody Sandalwood smells a lot like Santal 33. However, the Woody Sandalwood has a somewhat green scent, and the Le Labo Santal 33 uses a pure floral essence. Compared to the Le Labo Santal 33, it is therefore more manly. The centre notes of the Woody Sandalwood also contain cedarwood and the floral smell Orris. The Le Labo Santal 33, on the other hand, just has iris and Ambrox. The Woody Sandalwood smells more like wood than the Santal 33 because the middle notes linger the longest in it.

That’s not all, either. In the base notes of both perfumes, sandalwood is present. But the Santal 33 uses leather, giving it a distinct scent that the Woody Sandalwood lacks. Additionally, this is where cedarwood is used by the Santal 33. So, when combined with sandalwood, one of them has the tendency to cover up the scent of the other.

It is therefore fairly safe to state that the Woody Sandalwood, which has a lower price, has the superior aroma of the two.

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