The Six Best Squarespace templates for video

The Six Best Squarespace templates for video

How can I choose the best Squarespace template?

Filtering Squarespace’s template library by Type and Topic in the templates page (opens in a new tab) should greatly reduce the number of potential candidates. There are very few templates that feature video, but keep in mind that they’re rather simple to add practically anywhere on a site. To view what a live version would look like, click the “View Demo Site” option after selecting any template. Focus mostly on the colours and layouts that appeal to you because Squarespace advises(opens in a new tab) that “you may find it easier to start with a design that’s already near to how you want your site to appear.”

Do you need some better guidance? Scroll down to see six Squarespace templates that are extremely effective for video right away.

The Six Best Squarespace templates for video

1. Lange


Despite being a Squarespace version 7.0 template, Lange stands out thanks to its gorgeous homepage, which has full-bleed banner photos for various projects that you can simply replace with GIFs or videos. The links for each of those projects live in the top navigation menu, along with connections to a straightforward one-column blog, a contact page, and a “about” page (“Studio Info”) where you may add credits and provide more information about your process. Other than that, it’s a perfect video portfolio site right out of the gate, but it could probably use some social media icons someplace.

2. Oranssi


Need a website that is incredibly user-friendly and jam-packed with information, especially on mobile devices? Pick the stylish Professional Services template Oranassi, which includes all of the information you require on a single page. A list of your services, additional project teasers, a statement about your company’s mission, some team members’ headshots, and a rotating gallery of client testimonials are all included in the demo version of the website. Up top, however, is a scrolling carousel of images that could hold a collection of GIFs. Even better, there are numerous call-to-action buttons throughout the entire thing that go to your email. Squarespace used a typewriter-style font for its body text, which seems strange and somewhat distracting, but you can change that with a click or two.

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3. Lauri


A retro-inspired Portfolio/Professional Services template that is cheery and welcoming, Laurie(opens in a new tab) has two clear areas of strength: presenting your work and introducing you to potential clients. In between sections for your bio, a list of services, client testimonials, and a selection of recent blog entries, its vast webpage smears a tonne of images; changing colours and some interesting fade-in animation effects prevent it from seeming like an information overload. On a separate contact page, there is a nice pre-made form that visitors can use to make enquiries. Alternatively, visitors can click the red “Free consultation” button at the top of the page to pick a time to meet using an integrated Acuity Scheduling block .

4. Nolan


Another design from the Portfolio/Professional Services categories with a standout one-stop homepage is Nolan(opens in a new tab). It opens with a prompt to view your full portfolio, a featured project with a cool collage-like layout, and a list of your previous clients before giving visitors your mission statement, a featured image, and a link to a list of your services. You can introduce the personnel and/or the company’s mission and values on a “about” page (“Company”) in the top navigation menu. Anyone who uses Dark Mode will appreciate the demo version’s mobile-friendly typography and dark, elegant white-on-black colour palette. Its lone significant flaw? social media buttons are mysteriously absent from the website. You will have to enter those by yourself.

5. Passero


Not well-known enough to hold a MasterClass? No issue: It’s simple to publish and monetise your lessons and workshops with a Squarespace template like Passero that comes pre-enabled with its Member Areas(opens in a new tab) feature (or any kind of videos, honestly). One of the few templates with a demo site that actually uses video, this one has a participant testimonial on the very short homepage as well as full-bleed graphics and many calls to action. The top menu includes a “Contact” page with a simple form, a “About” page with instructor biographies, a “Classes” page with course information, and a “Login” link for subscribers. Additionally, Squarespace did a terrific job with the soothing neutral colour scheme.

6. Otroquest


Otroquest, a unique template with video in the demo, is already set up for someone who publishes a steady stream of content. A grid of your VODs, a store page for merchandise, and a terrific “Support” page with prompts for tipping, subscribing, buying Twitch Bits, and joining a community are just a few of the highlights (hello again, Member Areas). Visitors will always be able to find the social icons for your Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram sites in the top and bottom navigation menus. The one thing about Otroquest that we don’t like is that it initially appears to be a news site due to the featured blog post at the top of the homepage, but it is a simple thing to erase.

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