Top 3 Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism allegations can have severe professional, academic, and legal repercussions; therefore, it is necessary to have a rigorous system in place to prevent them.

There are, thankfully, a plethora of remarkable services that can analyse content for potential instances of plagiarism. These services are effective regardless of the type of writing you need to evaluate, from blog posts and advertisements to academic papers and news pieces. The finest plagiarism checkers provide links to the original, copied content as well as grammar assistance and linguistic guidance.

If you need assistance verifying the authenticity of your writing, look no further; we’ve compiled the greatest plagiarism services right here. And, if you want more writing advice, click here for our list of the top free writing software of 2022.

1. Unicheck

Top 3 Plagiarism Checkers

Unicheck (opens in a new tab) delivers a high-quality service by integrating cutting-edge technology and smart design, and it’s evidently effective: over one thousand academic institutions around the world utilise this app.

This application has access to more than 91 billion pages and library files, so you can be confident that it examines every source for instances of plagiarism. And don’t worry about being inundated with information once the app has completed its online search: results appear in a simple interface that displays sources and color-codes copy, and each piece has a plagiarism score that is updated as you change the article.

Unicheck’s 99.9 percent system uptime ensures that you will be able to check for plagiarism whenever you need to, and its authorised, encrypted accounts provide users with a high level of protection.

The adaptability and strength persist elsewhere. Unicheck interacts with Office 365, Google Docs, and Chrome, allowing you to check for plagiarism without ever having to leave those applications. It also has an accessible API, allowing integration with other services.

Unicheck does not need to be costly either. Its Personal package starts at $5 and escalates up based on the number of pages you wish to check, while educational institutions and organisations have access to more extensive plans. Despite this, it is evident that Unicheck remains one of the best plagiarism detectors available on the market.

2. Scribbr

Top 3 Plagiarism Checkers

Scribbr (opens in a new tab) offers a plagiarism detector as part of a suite of tools that also includes an academic proofreading module and an APA reference generator. Unsurprisingly, this site’s offerings will appeal to students and academics, and the site offers assistance with dissertations, essays, and theses.

The plagiarism checker performs quite well. Scribbr partners with Turnitin, which can detect everything from exact word and phrase matches to language in which synonyms have been used, and compares writing to a database of 91 billion web pages and 69 million publications. Impressively, you can also upload old assignments or referenced works to compare, which is ideal if you want to compare your writing to something that is not in the database of Scribbr.

Beyond plagiarism, Scribbr provides expert editors who can edit essays, theses, funding proposals, and literary reviews — it’s great for ensuring that your academic work is of the highest quality, regardless of the subject. Scribbr also provides a generator and checker for APA citations, ensuring that your sources will not be questioned.

Depending on the length of the paper, the cost of Scibbr’s plagiarism-checking service ranges from $20 to $40, and you will have the examined document within 10 minutes. Compared to other services, Scribbr’s lack of dashboard and security features renders it unsuitable for large companies. However, if you are a student or an intellectual, you may find it useful.

3. Grammarly

Top 3 Plagiarism Checkers

Grammarly (opens in new tab) is one of the most popular writing aids in the world, and it’s easy to see why: it does an excellent job of evaluating written work for linguistic accuracy, readability, and tone. It is also accessible as an app, a plug-in for the majority of word processing applications, and a browser plugin.

This tool is compatible with email clients (opens in new tab), social networks, and even Slack and Discord, so you can always rely on it. Grammarly also has an excellent plagiarism checker. It analyses the academic papers in ProQuest’s database and over 16 billion web page sources to check for plagiarised text, and if it discovers copied language or phrases, an alert will appear in your work.

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is free to use, but we do not suggest it; it will let you know if you’ve plagiarised, but it won’t indicate where. We recommend instead subscribing to one of Grammarly’s subscription tiers, which gives you access to its grammar, spelling, and punctuation features in addition to its clarity, engagement, tone, and plagiarism detection. A premium membership that unlocks these services costs $12 per month, whilst a business package that includes further administration capabilities begins at $12.50 per user per month. Grammarly is one of the most valuable linguistic resources on the Internet.

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