Top 6 Color Attractive Color Schemes for Website

Okay, it appears that humans prefer ascribing emotional and human aspects to colours. These abstract associations are utilised by brands to develop emotional connections with individuals, thereby attracting and retaining more customers or clients. When selecting the colour palette for your website, you can utilise these associations to your benefit. To aid our explanation, we explored the Internet for 11 instances of websites employing colour schemes.

Colors for intelligently eco-friendly products

Is there really no other option but green when selecting a colour scheme for a hemp-based product? In addition to being connected with sustainability, it is also synonymous with cannabis, hemp, and CBD products. This colour combination instils a sense of confidence due to the serious tone of navy blue and the complementary yellow and oatmeal hues.

Hemp green, lemon pale, oatmeal, and navy

Vibrant, health-conscious hues

When imagining an eco-friendly company identity, it would be simple to fall back on the predictable earthy tones of browns and greens…

However, you must always keep your target audience in the periphery of your vision!

Daye primarily targets young, bright, professional, and health-conscious women. In order to represent their modern principles of sustainability and natural products, the cutting-edge firm has selected a palette of peach, orange, and green hues (so trendy that it looks like it belongs on an Instagram account for creatives).

Pale peach, orange, mint, and deep forest green colour the palette.

Tasteful, chosen colour palettes

Lilac is currently popular. This specific shade of purple is flowing from the pages of contemporary fashion magazines and into your closet. It is a cool alternative to the millennial pink that my eyes have seen so much of that it has become quite unpleasant to look at.

This ecommerce website’s colour choice of lilac, red, and cream immediately conveys an air of curation. It instils confidence in people by demonstrating that they, like them, are smart, value individuality, and are current on fashion trends.

Violet, rust, ivory, and coal

Vivacious and youthful colour schemes

The concept of a botanical workshop enterprise named “rock paper plant” is so amusing in and of itself that nothing could be better than their selection of childlike secondary colours. This website’s colour scheme is so joyful and energising that it immediately transports you back to your elementary school days—just as a creative workshop would.

pastel pink, leaf green, orange, and violet

Eye-catching hues for creatives

Extreme is the contrast between bright blue and primary yellow; it does more than demand attention; it actually causes my eyes to moisten. Nonetheless, I am not averse to it. This strong colour scheme embodies the artificial charm of a creative agency: it’s daring, adventurous, and I’m having a great time interacting with it.

Yellow, fluorescent blue, and black

Calming and hopeful neutral colour schemes

A combination of peach and off-white hues creates a lovely backdrop and is likely the simplest component of toilet-training toddlers. The nearly-black copy is easier to read for parents in a hurry and is less harsh than an absolute black. This website’s colour scheme is uncomplicated, subdued, and compact, resulting in a calming visual experience.

Peach, whipped cream, and charcoal


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